2018 Anniversary QSO Party

St. Cloud Amateur Radio Club
2018 Anniversary QSO Party

Welcome to the 2018 Saint Cloud Amateur Radio Club Anniversary QSO Party. This contest helps us all be prepared in a number of ways, gets to know one another, allow for some friendly competition and try out our emergency preparedness skills. Since this contest is limited to the 2M FM band, it does not require any fancy equipment and all can participate. The contest is just a short 2 hour time frame.

Saturday, May 26nd, 2018 from 7 to 9 PM (local time)

To make as many contacts as possible, encouraging the use of 2M simplex mode, and to have fun!

The Hunter vs. the Hunted:
Consider operating from a remote location, high point, or perhaps a roving mobile; Mobile stations are able to re-work stations from a different location

The contest will take place solely on 2 meter band using simplex mode; (e.g. no repeater contacts). According to the ARRL band plan, these frequencies (between 146.40-146.58 & 147.42-147.57) are for simplex use. For this contest, we will use only these 8 frequencies with a convenient 20 kHz separation.

Valid Contest Frequencies:
147.420 147.440 147.460 147.480
147.500 147.520 147.540 147.560

Callsign, Name. Membership in club (-,no / M,member / B, board member / W, w0sv), 5-digit zip code. Rover stations should use the zip code of their current location at the time.

Example Stationary Exchange:
“K0VU from NF0H, please copy Hank, a member, from 56387”
“NF0H from K0VU, please copy Ed, a member, from 56303”

Example Mobile/Rover Exchange:
“KA0EQK from W0MFI/M, please copy Jim from 56367”
“KA0EQK from W0MFI/M, please copy Jim now from 56379”
Work as many different calls and locations as possible, giving exchange as noted above. Work each station once per ZIP Code — i.e. Mobiles can be re-worked whenever they change locations.

• Use the handy log and scoring sheet – Print logsheet Here ==> 2018 QSO Party Logsheet
• Each Non-Member Contact is worth 1 point
• Each Member Contact is worth 5 points
• Each Board Member is worth 10 points
• And working W0SV is 20 points.

# of unique 5-digit zip codes

Stations running:
• <= 5 watts output: 3X score • > 5, <= 50 watts output: 2X score • > 50 watts output: 1X score

Final Score:
Total Points = # QSO points x zip code mult. x Power mult.

All logging must be on paper, no computers. Logs will be available at our clubhouse and we hope to have them posted on our website, w0sv.club, before the contest.

Send paper logs to:

SCARC Anniversary QSO Party
401 4th Street North
Waite Park MN 56387

Please direct questions via email to: n0uv@w0sv.club

Log entry Submission Deadline: June 21, 201 at the club meeting.

Contest Results Posted: On the W0SV website: w0sv.club