St Cloud Amateur Radio Club Repeaters

146.940 Tone 100.0 W0SV Collegeville, MN (Analog/Fusion Digital)

147.015 Tone 100.0 W0SV Avon, MN (South) (Analog)

147.105 Tone 85.4 W0SV Avon, MN (North) Repeater (Analog)

442.225 DCS 172 W0SV Collegeville, MN (Fusion Digital/Analog)

443.450 Tone 123.0 K0VSC St Cloud, MN (Analog) W0SV Control Operator

443.500 Tone 123.0 K0VSC Avon, MN (South) (Analog) W0SV Control Operator


St. Cloud Amateur Radio Club Nets

St. Cloud Amateur Radio Club WELFARE NET – Daily @ 7 pm on W0SV 147.015 Repeater (Tone 100)

Stearns County ARES NET – Sunday about 7:15 pm (after Welfare Net) on W0SV 147.015 Repeater (Tone 100)
Benton County ARES NET – Sunday about 7:25 pm (after Stearns County ARES Net) on Benton County 147.075 Repeater (Tone 85.4)

Fusion Digital NET – Sunday about 7:35 pm (after Benton County ARES Net) – 146.940 Repeater (Tone 100)

500 CLUB NET – Tuesday about 7:15 pm (after Welfare Net) on W0SV 147.105 Repeater (Tone 85.4)


Central Minnesota Regional HOSPITAL NET – 1st Wednesday of month @ 1 pm on W0SV 147.015 Repeater (Tone 100)
MILLE LACS County ARES NET – Wednesday @ 7:30 pm on Benton County 147.075 Repeater (Tone 85.4)
10 Meter MOSQUITO NET – Wednesday @ 9:00 pm Frequency 28.405 USB – ALL License Classes Welcome, including Technician Class License


The DEUCE NET – 2 Meter SSB, Friday @ 7:15 pm on 144.240 USB


ELMER NET – Saturday Morning @ 9:00 on W0SV 147.105 Repeater (Tone 85.4)

SATURDAY NIGHT SHOOTOUT – Saturday Evening about 7:15 pm (after Welfare Net) on W0SV 146.940 Repeater (Tone 100)

Other Area Repeaters

145.190 N0ANC St Cloud Hospital (Typically used in C4FM America Link however open to users changing)
442.150 N0ANC St Cloud Hospital (Dual mode repeater, Used both analog with DCS172 and C4FM digital, Usually in Southern Minnesota Room open to users changing)
443.850 KD0YLG Waite Park (Analog DCS 172. Primarily Analog Repeater with Allstar VoIP linking)
444.625 N0ANC Paynesville (DARC Room System Fusion)
145.270 KD0YLG Paynesville (Analog Only DCS 172 with Allstar VoIP linking)
443.650 KG0CV Avon MN ( DARC Room System Fusion)
443.475 KD0YLG Becker (DARC Room System Fusion)
443.075 N0RND Little Falls (DARC Room System Fusion)
146.910 W0SW Willmar (-5/No Tone)

Other Area Nets
Digital Amateur Radio Club (DARC)
DARC FM Net Saturdays 7:30 PM on the 224.800 – FM repeater, Paynesville 145.270 – DCS 172 FM, St Cloud 443.850 + DCS 172 FM, N0BJN-L Echolink Node 925804.
DARC Digital Net Saturdays 8:15 PM in DARC Room 28439 on Fusion Digital DN.

Iowa D-Star Net Saturdays 8:30 PM on Minnesota Reflector XLX632A
Minnesota D-Star Net Sundays 7:30 PM on Minnesota Reflector XLX632A

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Twin City FM Club

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Courage Kenny Handiham Program
Federal Communications Commission Universal Licensing System
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