W0SV 2021 Year In Review

Thanks To All The St. Cloud Amateur Radio Club Members
For Their Dedication And Donations Necessary
To Make The Club What It Is Today!!

Accomplishments for 2021
(In No Particular Order)

1. CMEC Born To Add Effective EMCOMM To Our Club
And The Central MN Area
2. Wagon Wheels for Deployable Portable EMCOMM
3. Weekly Winlink Drills
4. Back Room Clean Up
5. Added Skywarn Net Control Duties on Willmar 146.910 for Kandiyohi and surrounding Counties
6. Completely Re-Organized W0SV EOC
7. Added Another Computer & Two monitors For Net Control In The EOC Making A Total Of Four Complete NET Control Stations and/or Skywarn Operations Stations
8. Wrote & Implemented Proprietary Membership Application
9. Wrote & Implemented Proprietary Skywarn Logging Application
10. Added 1.25 CM Radio & Capabilities
11. Added No Cost LAUREL VEC Amateur Radio License Testing
12. Continued LAUREL VEC & ARRL VEC Amateur Radio License Testing
With Over 100 Tests Administered
13. Added DMR Capabilities
14. Added Industrial Shelving In The Back Room
15. Arranged/Labeled Supplies Etc In Tubs in the Back Room
16. Added Several Solder Guns
17. Purchased Two 2 Meter Commander Antennas
18. Installed Commander Antenna On Sauk Rapids 146.940 Repeater
19. Purchased EOC CMEC Banners
20. Purchased Magnetic Signs For Use On Support Vehicles & CMEC Deployed Vehicles
21. Renewed Hosting For Website Domain
22. Continued Upgrades Of The W0SV.club Website
23. Purchased Two ICOM 7300 HF Radios
24. Received Thousands of $$ In Cash Donations
25. Received Thousands of $$ In Equipment Donations
26. New Tools And Supplies For The Back Room
27. Built And Installed Homemade Motorola Repeater
For The Collegeville 147.015 W0SV Emergency Communications Repeater
28. Implemented And Ran The W0SV Central MN Emergency Communications Welfare Net For Over 500 Consecutive Days With Over 9000 Check ins,
Then Started Up Again When We Saw The Need Yet Again
29. Started The W0SV Explorer Post & Merit Badge Counselling
30. Acquired Control Of The 443.500 & 443.450 Repeaters
31. Rebuilt The Storage Shed & Added New Combination Lock
32. Continuously Ran 6 Nets For EMCOMM & Club Participation Plus the Regional Hospital Net
33. Operated 2021 Field Day
34. Provided The 2021 Summer Picnic
35. Had the 2021 Seasonal Gathering At El Loro
36. Monthly EMCOMM, Board, & General Meetings
37. Replaced EOC & Meeting Room Fluorescent Lights With LED Lights
Using A Grant From Stearns Electric
38. Replaced Old Electrical Supply Panel With A New 200 Amp Panel
39. Added Connection For Donated Emergency Power 6500kw Generator
40. Supported The Tour Of Saints
41. Supported Spirit Of The Lakes Triathlon In Annandale
42. Installed New Ring Security System