Author: Lee Denny - KE0EMB

Scott Hall – N0UV – Memorial Station

In 2919, we lost a Good Friend, A Consummate Amateur Radio Operator,
and an all around Awesome Human Being.

The St. Cloud Amateur Radio Club, W0SV, is Proud & Humbled to announce

The Scott Hall Memorial Station

This will be a permanent memorial, located in the front radio room, and will allow us all to
Honor our Friend — N0UV, Linden Scott Hall.

W0SV 2020 Field Day & License Testing

W0SV 2020 Field Day

Starting at 1 PM. Please join us if you can. With our Control Operators, Field Day will give you the ability to try all that we have to offer. And we have lots to offer — Analog (VHF 2 Meter [140], 1.25 Meter [220], & UHF 70 CM [440] with multiple repeaters and simplex), Worldwide Yaesu System Fusion Digital, Worldwide DMR Digital, Worldwide HF — 6 Meters through 160 Meters either direct or through computer enhanced software, as well as CW (Morse Code), MURS, GMRS, and probably even Satellite communications. Our EOC (Emergency Operations Center) where we provide Central Minnesota Skywarn, SCARC Emergency Communications, and support for the Central Minnesota Regional Hospital Coalition will be active as well. Hope to see you there!!

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W0SV Emergency Services Welfare Net

Starting tonight, 03/17/20 at 7:00 pm, W0SV, The St. Cloud Amateur Radio Club, will institute a Daily Welfare Net on the W0SV Emergency Services Repeater – 147.015, Tone 100.0. The W0SV Emergency Services Repeater is currently monitored 24 hours a day for any emergency traffic.
It is our intention to check on the Welfare of Our Members, The Central Minnesota Regional Hospital Coalition, and Anyone that may need assistance during the current situation. If emergency assistance is needed by Anyone, we will do our very best to make any arrangements necessary. For the foreseeable future, we will meet via this net every night at 7:00 pm for any emergency traffic.

The format of this net will be as follows: we will call for checkins to the net, and then immediately ask for your status before the next checkin. One checkin at a time. There will be no Stand Downs at the end of the net, although we ask that you continue to listen for any announcements.

We encourage everyone to follow the suggested guidelines to maintain their health and welfare as we all work through the current issues.

04/16/20 Weather Awareness Week Drills

Greetings from Central Minnesota Skywarn!

This week is Weather Awareness Week and the National Weather Service will be conducting 2 Tornado Drills on Thursday, 04/16/20. They will be at 1:45 pm & 6:45 pm. The sirens may or may not be activated during the drills. In conjunction with both drills, Central Minnesota Skywarn will conduct nets on the W0SV Emergency Services Repeater — 147.015 Tone 100. I will call the nets at both start times, and end no more than 15 minutes later. This will help make sure that Central Minnesota Skywarn is ready, and I will report our status to the NWS in Chanhassen as well. The 6:45 net will be followed @7:00 pm by the W0SV Emergency Services Welfare Net, and The St Cloud Amateur Radio Club “On-Air” General Meeting will follow that.

Please try to check in to at least one of the 2 tornado drill nets when you can, as well as the Welfare Net. Then please feel free to listen in on the “On-Air” General Meeting.

And, lastly, Skywarn Dues are due as well. A 2 year Skywarn Only Membership is $20 for 2 years, or if you wish, a Full St. Cloud Amateur Radio Club Membership is $30 per year.

04/16/20 General Meeting to be held “On-Air”

Due to the current Stay At Home Order,his Month’s General Meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 16th, will instead be held “On-Air” on the W0SV Emergency Services Repeater – 147.015, Tone 100. It will start at 7pm directly following the W0SV Daily Welfare Net. We encourage all members to check in to the Welfare Net at 7pm, and stay tuned for the W0SV, St. Cloud Amateur Radio Club General Meeting.